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Smoking BanAn aggressive effort has been made in recent years by authorities to discriminate against smokers and there is a lot of effort being made in getting smokers to give up their nicotine habit. Your health or the health of others is NOT the real issue though.  What it’s really all about is Money, Control, and Jurisdiction.

Although smoking is not yet an illegal act, more states and local communities are passing legislation that prohibits anyone from smoking in public places. And, higher taxes are being levied on cigarettes so as to make them costlier and so, less of an attractive proposition.

cigaretteIf you choose to smoke, that’s fine with me. On the other hand, if you choose not to smoke, you’ll find some ideas and resources here on how to quit smoking and to support you in your choice of quitting smoking. Hopefully you’ll learn how to increase your chances to quit smoking with this quit smoking guide. It is designed to provide you with useful information about smoking and some tips that will help beat the smoking cessation symptoms.

No doubt you’ve felt an intense pressure to quit smoking.
No doubt you’ve heard all about the negative effects of smoking… you’ve probably seen the unsightly pictures of smoke damaged lung tissue, heard the constant advise from others to improve your health, and perhaps have been made to feel guilty because of the alleged harm your second hand smoke is doing to children and those around you.

Well, I’m not going to insult you with the normal propaganda you find on most stop smoking web sites. I assume you’re a responsible adult who has made the choice to quit smoking… and that’s what it is… “a choice.”

The first stop in this quit smoking guide is the understanding of how smoking addiction works. If you discover the roots of the addiction, it will be easier to eradicate your smoking vice.

Woman smokingGet help, support, and ideas to help you quit smoking.
You’ll increase your chances to quit smoking with the information provided on this quit smoking support site. It is designed to give you useful information about how to stop smoking and some tips that will help you overcome the quit smoking challenges you’ll encounter.

There is a wide range of ages for smokers today and about as wide a range of reasons they smoke. However, smoking is increasingly becoming more unpopular in our culture and as more and more smokers experience the discrimination perpetrated by the anti-smoking movement, they might begin seeking help to quit smoking. As those numbers have increased, more alternatives for quit smoking help have also become available.

It seems many people are looking for some easy way to quit smoking or some magical stop smoking aid. If that describes you, I hate to burst your bubble… but it’s not going to be easy! You likely developed your smoking habit over many years and it will take time to learn the new habit of not smoking.

Your journey to quit smoking will likely require a multi-faceted approach, and if you want to succeed you’ll need to…

Help Yourself
First and foremost you are the only one who can choose to quit smoking. You must have a strong will and you also have to be very motivated. Dig deep into yourself to find that motivation and you’ll take a huge step to quit smoking. Nobody else knows or wants what is best for yourself but you. Begin by making a list of the advantages and disadvantages of giving up smoking and you may discover some powerful reasons to support your decision to quit smoking.

Ask for Help
If you think you’re not strong enough to quit smoking on your own, then you must ask others to help you. Ask your family and friends to provide assistance – to be around when you feel the need to smoke, especially during the first days after quitting.

Besides the help of the friends and family, there are other alternatives that are more organized. There is the option for asking stop smoking help from professionals. Don’t hesitate to rely on the valuable advice a psychologist or a counselor can provide. It is their job and they are the most qualified persons in such situations. A correct behavioral therapy can help you change your habits and lifestyle that excludes smoking.

Remember too, you’re not the only one who struggles to give up smoking. You can join a self-support group of ex-smokers who are also wanting to quit smoking. There you can not only empathize with one another but also have the opportunity in group discussions to find a variety of solutions from which you can choose to help you quit smoking.

The Nicotine Conspiracy
Despite the phenomenal success and popularity of the method, Allen Carr’s Easyway remains ignored by the Government and unavailable on the NHS, which prefers to supply nicotine to addicts at taxpayers’ expense via gums, patches etc. and so perpetuates the addiction. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry, aided and abetted by the government and other public institutions and funded by the taxpayer, is now competing with the tobacco industry to supply the nicotine-addicted market.

In this book, Allen Carr exposes this scandal and reveals the influence that the mind-bogglingly rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry exerts over Government policy, the medical establishment and public health charities.

Quit Smoking Aids

  • There are plenty of solutions for your nicotine addiction problem.
    There are numerous stop smoking products and therapies available to help you quit smoking. For example, you can begin a nicotine replacement therapy, get a stop smoking injection, a quit smoking pill or get a stop smoking injection.

    • The NTR (nicotine replacement therapy) replaces cigarette nicotine with nicotine delivered though other sources – such as gums, patches or nasal sprays.
    • The stop smoking injection offers even more radical approach to nicotine addiction – the ingredients of the injection simply block the nicotine receptors in your brain – it simple cannot recognize the substance and that is why the cravings stop.
    • A correct behavioral therapy can help you switch your habits and lifestyle in a way to exclude smoking. It is also vital that you get support from your friends and family. Start going to ex-smokers’ meetings – there are many self-support groups that you can attend.

Remember that in any case you should seek professional advice about the kind of stop smoking therapy you will undergo. Your doctor will be able to prescribe you the best medical treatment in accordance with your health conditions. The medical treatment will relieve your withdrawal symptoms and will leave you free air to cope with the rest.

It is not as important which method you choose to quit smoking as much as it is to make the choice to quit smoking. If you decide to combine several forms of stop smoking help then your chances will be greatly improved that you can quit smoking.